Meet Us In Paris

Meet Us In Paris

It’s the wide boulevards, the small neighborhoods, the grand brasseries, the quaint cafes, the cozy restaurants, the breathtaking architecture, the manicured parks, the unrivaled museums and that je ne sais quois street style that capture our hearts every time. Our winter collection is inspired by the City of Light, a place that never fails to dazzle and makes us dream about our next visit before we even leave.

Voltaire: With its Art Nouveau green sign hanging on a quiet corner along the Seine, Le Voltaire is a favorite restaurant among the fashion crowd for good reason. Chic in an old-school Parisian way with food that’s equal parts classic and comfort, it’s a reservation we book months in advance. The roast chicken is legendary. 

Marais: The faded facades of the historic buildings in the 3rd arrondissement inspired this versatile neutral shade. In addition to the architecture, it’s the fun boutiques and cool galleries that draw us to the area every time we visit. 

Montaigne: Sure we could shop the same designer stores that line Avenue Montaigne in NYC, but they somehow seem more special here. During an afternoon of mostly browsing and ogling, lunch at L’Avenue, with its crisp black and white outdoor tables, is always on the agenda. 

Luxembourg: While so much of Paris is about going and doing and seeing, a visit to the Luxembourg Gardens is about nothing more than sitting in a Fermob chair and enjoying the sight of the manicured greenery and parents playing with their impeccably dressed children.